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Committee Charter - VPF Inclusion & Diversity Committee


The Committee will be a trusted advisory group and valuable employee resource for enhancing our workplace climate and culture.


This Committee will advance programs and initiatives that create a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative workplace. At the individual level, Committee activities are intended to enhance employees’ engagement, sense of belonging, and professional growth. On a global level, Committee activities are intended to reflect the university’s Ut Prosim motto and promote collaboration with our university partners.


The Committee will be a leadership body for actioning the division’s inclusion and diversity strategic goals and initiatives. Committee member responsibilities include:

  • Planning, creating, and implementing divisional programs

  • Collecting and sharing resources and best practices

  • Disseminating information about ongoing professional development opportunities

  • Gathering information from Finance employees on diversity, inclusion, belonging, and engagement through topical surveys or qualitative methods

  • Evaluating and proposing recommendations to the division’s inclusion and diversity strategic plan

  • Providing on-site support for Committee programs or initiatives

  • Serving as an overall resource for employees

Other responsibilities not captured above may emerge in the course of Committee operations. 



A Committee Chair is appointed by the Vice President for Finance and University Treasurer. Periodically, the Vice President will evaluate the Committee leadership and make changes as needed. The Committee Chair may appoint additional members to be leaders of subcommittees or working groups. 


The Committee’s membership will include (but is not limited to) at least one representative from each reporting unit within the Division of Finance. Overall membership includes both faculty and staff representatives from all levels of the organization. Committee members serve an initial 12-month term and complete a 1-on-1 conversation with the Chair annually. If members remain in good standing and are interested, they will be encouraged to serve additional terms. Ultimately, Committee membership will be at the discretion of the Chair and the member’s immediate supervisor. 

Employees interested in serving on the Committee should alert their supervisors, with either the supervisor or interested employee emailing the Committee to register their interest. 


Members should attend at least 70% of Committee meetings during the year. When absent, members should notify the Chair in advance. As their department’s representative to the Committee, members are expected to be primary points of contact for communication, idea generation, troubleshooting, and collecting feedback. In addition to supporting Committee operations and initiatives, members will also participate on subcommittees or working groups as needs are identified.  

It is essential that all Committee members (1) contribute opinions and ideas freely without fear of judgment or retribution, and (2) receive and consider differing opinions and suggestions with an open mind. 

All Committee members are expected to uphold the principles stated in this charter, the Division of Finance vision and core values statement, and the Virginia Tech Principles of Community.


Regularly scheduled meetings will be held on a monthly basis, with varying meeting locations and modalities (in-person, hybrid, virtual) at the discretion of the Chair. Additional meetings of working groups or subcommittees may occur as needed. 


Approved Committee activities will be funded through the Office of the VP. Administrative support for Committee activities is provided by the Office of the Vice President’s representative(s) on the Committee. 


The Committee will maintain records of its activities, progress, and recommendations and provide periodic updates to division leadership. The Committee will produce an annual report of its efforts to be submitted to the Vice President.


This Charter will be reviewed biennially, to ensure its alignment with the division’s evolving needs, goals, and priorities. 


Diversity – the visible and invisible characteristics and experiences that make people different.

Inclusion – the act of engaging, valuing, respecting, and positioning employees to fully participate and thrive in the organization.

Belonging – the employee’s sense of connection, ownership and shared purpose with the organization. Belonging develops through the accumulation of day-to-day experiences in which employees’ unique selves are accepted, appreciated, and integrated into the organization’s work processes and culture.