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Employee Shoutouts!

Employee Shout-Outs! 2023 Edition!


The Division of Finance wants to recognize all the great work being done across our departments!
Here are all the wonderful folks that you wanted to shout-out and highlight for this year. Thanks for all that you do!


If you would like to submit a shout-out in the future, please send to the Inclusion & Diversity Committee email account.

  2023 VPF Employee Awards & Recognition Ceremony

Lisa Riggs, Henry Showalter, Dee Anderson, Tracy Sibold, Amie Pendleton, Riley Lindsay, and Sara Breeding


I'm honored to give a shout-out to the operating staff at the Bursar's office that includes our customer service staff, refunding and management of our payment plan. Thank you team for your hard work, dedication and great attitudes you bring each day to the office. I do not say it enought but I truly appreciate all you do for me and the Bursar's Office staff. Looking forward to another great year! 

- Kelly Perkins

Customer Service Team


You are awesome, and a valued asset to OUB and the university.  

Roger Foster


Roger is a great, innovative thinker!

Karling Clabaugh


Karling, thank you for always being willing to help, learn new things, and take on new duties!  You are excellent at anticipating what needs to be done and are always saving the day.

Rosa Lucas


Rosa, thank you for your leadership this past year!  There have been a lot of changes, challenges, and opportunities that you’ve done a great job of helping our team navigate.

Rob Mann

Capital Budgeting and Financing

I appreciate Rob's leadership and willingness to take the time to teach and share his knowledge! 

Brianna Reynolds

Financial Management

Brianna has had such a positive impact on the Fiscal Training Program. Her dedication has elevated the program immeasurably!

Lisa Riggs


Shout-out to Lisa Riggs at the Bursar’s Office for being friendly, caring, and courteous with processing refunds of Hokie Passport Accounts and Dining Dollars.  Lisa is meticulous - making sure each refund is processed promptly and in accordance with established procedures - even when there are hundreds of refunds in a batch!  Lisa is incredibly easy to work with and makes every interaction pleasant.  Hokie Passport Services knows we can count on Lisa to get things done!

Erin Griffin, Danielle Harlow, Deb Lowe


I just want to do a quick team shout out. They are such an inspiration to me and I am so glad that I have the privilege to work with these people. They are my co-workers in everyday work duties but they are also my friends and that makes aworld of difference in a work environment.  Thanks so much to this great group of people!!

Marion Fitzgerald


Marion can always make us laugh! I appreciate her help during the busy parts of the year. 

Internship & Fellowship Program Mentors


Thanks to all the mentors across our departments who supervise our VPF interns and fellows during their time with us. You all do a great job creating a positive experience for them and the time and commitment you put into the program is what makes it all a success. We appreciate working with each of you! 

Jennifer Hundley

Capital Budgeting and Financing

Jennifer is a highly dependable co-worker and is a great resource for information on capital projects, debt, and MR projects! I appreciate the insight she provides during our conversations! 

Erin Griffin


I would like to give a shout-out to Erin for being an amazing leader. She has patience and always willing to teach her team, and support them. Erin has a vast knowledge of the Business Operations in Procurement, and I am very thankful to be a part of her team. Erin is someone that you can learn a great deal from, and she is kind, thoughtful, and easy to get along with. I believe Erin does an excellent job. Thank you Erin for welcoming me on your team. I look forward to coming to work, and I am happy to be on your team. 

Lauren Lawson


I appreciate Lauren's dedication to the staff members within our office. She is a great leader and teacher! 

Sherry Hollandsworth

Risk Management and Student Medical Insurance

Sherry is such a welcoming presence in the office. She's the type of person who asks you how you're doing and genuinely wants to hear the answer. Her support and positivity makes my day better!

Diana Alexander


 Thank you for all of your help and guidance with the Hokie Passport Services cost studies!  You make the whole process so much easier!  Thank you!

Procurement Team


Three years ago, I left the office never to return to work in the building again and I was worried about being forgotten.  Thankfully the Procurement Office has not made me feel bad for putting my heath first and leaving the people I feel are good friends.  We have kept in touch with zoom, emails and phone calls and it is nice to hear from them and still able to get my job done. Thank you for everything and for being such a great department to work for all these years. 

- Krista Link 

Matthew Digman

Capital Budgeting and Financing

Matthew has done a fantastic job assisting with the 6-year capital process. He's been very engaged in the process and eager to learn about it. I've been very impressed how he's handled it all. 

Becky Ford


Becky, that you for proving a friendly knowledgeable resource to VT departments!  You do a wonderful job of representing the Bursar’s Office through PCI and eCommerce support. 

Skylar Mouris

Budget and Financial Planning

Skylar has done a fantastic job developing the colleague connection program and building a more welcoming division for our new hires!! 

Jennifer Tabor, Amy Li, Margie Sentelle, Jennifer Hollins


HUGE shout-out to my team - Employee PR Transactions and Review:  I am very thankful to have a team of employees who are kind, efficient, responsible and supportive.   Each of these team members not only efficiently and accurately processes their individual transactions they help keep me straight.  They have all been given new duties over the last six months  - year, which has allowed me to focus on my new responsibilities.  They have all made my first couple of years as a supervisor more productive and have given grace and patience and we continue to learn and grow together as a team. 

Cindy Farrier

Hokie Passport Services

Shout-out to Cindy Farrier at Hokie Passport Services!  Cindy is the ultimate team player – always willing to stay late to assist a customer and always jumping in to lend a hand when needed.  She is caring, polite, and customer-oriented, always thinking of ways to help others.  She brings humor to the tough situations and is a friend to all.  She is the glue that holds our customer service operation together!  Thank you, Cindy!

Lisa Blackwell

Finance IT

Lisa is the epitome of a great leader. She makes everyone on our team feel valued and important. She is humble, but has a masterful way of exercising her authority and making critical decisions. Our team is truly privileged to have Lisa as our leader and we continue to improve as a unit under her direction!