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Employee Shoutouts!


  February 2024

Diane Bonsall

Office of the VP

Diane is always more than willing to help answer my questions and tackle problems! She is the first person I go to when I have a question and I am always grateful for her time and guidance! Thank you for your bright attitude and willingness to help Diane!

Casey Hamblin


Casey entered employment with the university as an AR Clerk II in the Bursar's Office as a customer service representative. She quickly moved up through the OUB to currently serve as an Accounting Supervisor. If there is a problem that needs to be solved, or a department, team or staff member that needs assistance, we can always depend on Casey to lend a hand. Thank you Casey!

Baron Finley

Finance IT

Baron recently replaced my desktop tower with a new laptop/dock setup. He arrived prepared and on-time, installed everything quickly, answered my questions, and followed up later to ensure my new setup was working well. He is a great example of IT customer service. Thanks Baron!

Financial Reporting team


Kudos for getting the new GASBs implemented successfully. It’s accrual world. 

Finance and Payroll Transformation teams (within Controller, Bursar, and Finance IT)

Now, come along and join this ERP ride, Where workflows change with the changing tide. They said, "Finance, move away from spreadsheets old, We got dashboards and analytics, a sight to behold!" Automation, that is, efficiency and streamlining...I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to each and every member of the Finance and Payroll Modernization Teams for your outstanding efforts and dedication throughout the start of this ERP transformation journey. Your commitment to excellence and tireless work ethic have not gone unnoticed.  

Jennifer Tabor, Jennifer Hollins, Margie Sentelle, Amy Li and Alyssa Hendrickson


Thank you for always supporting me  and for always giving your 100%!

Alene Harris

Risk Management & Insurance

Thank you Alene for doing the most so that I have to log in to Banner the least. You're the best!

Rosa Lucas


Thank you Rosa for always responding so timely and helping me with my crazy questions and scenarios!

Jenni Schoner


I would like to thank Jenni for all the extra time and effort she put into making all of our last minute changes to the university financial statements.  I truly appreciate her dedication to making sure things are done correctly. 

Stuart Woods, Donna Vaden, Ricardo de Leon, John Merideth


Thank you for all the hard work that goes into preparing the financial statements. And thanks to everyone not on the financial reporting team (you know who you are) that helped us get the job done. 

RPA team, AP team, Travel team


Thanks to Aaron Reece and all the FIT team for creating efficiences through expansion of the RPA efforts and kudos to the accounts payable and travel team for the exra effort put into addressing a backlogged problem list and doubling down on the processing days out peformance metrics. 

Carrie Haney, Kelcie Hoose


Thank you for all of your hard work throughout the year, and for being willing to take on extra duties as needed. You are so appreciated!

Amanda Marcum, Caroline Eaton, Tracy Christensen, Terry Kingrea, Tyler Linkenhoker, Kim Lowe, Kim Linkous, Nick Woods

CVC department representatives

Thanks for all your hard work as the CVC representative for your department! Your hard work and dedication helped raise funds for various charities in our local community.

Matt Carter


Matt Carter is a strong dedicated leader with a wealth of knowledge about the university’s fixed assets accounting operations. My emails and visits to his office almost always involve problems, but he answers quickly and positively in every instance. Thanks Matt!

George Armah

Finance IT

George has just started with our FIT solutions team full time and we could not be happier with him.  He always has a smile on his face and brings a great attitute everyday.  His work ethic is impressive and always wants to learn as much as possible.He has already helped alot with our RPA and application development.  We are excited to see what you will accomplish this year!

Heidi Bucher, Jennifer Reynolds


Heidi Bucher and Jennifer Reynolds led our 1099 process this year and they did an outstanding job!  I greatly appreciate their initiative on this project. All deadlines were met and everything ran smoothly thanks to their hard work!

Victoria Loe

Student Medical Insurance

Thank you for all of your hard work in the Student Insurance office.  I appreciate your willingness to always step up when needed.  Our office is lucky to have you!

Kristin Bell


Shout- out to Kristin Bell, she joined the ARMICS team last summer. Working with you has been a rewarding experience. Your attention to detail, dedication, positive attitude, and willingness to take on new projects has made all the difference.  Whether we are brainstorming ways to improve processes, reviewing risks, implementing a new system, or working on the year end certification your contribution to the team has been invaluable. I am so grateful for your tireless effort and commitment to excellence, thank you for all your hard work!

Amanda Marcum, Victoria Loe

Student Medical Insurance

Thank you, Amanda and Victoria, for patiently explaining to each and every student, like it's the first time, that they are not the exception to the rule.

Payroll team


Thank you payroll department for all you do! You're a fun team to work with and just know that you are greatly appreciated!

Aaron Reece

Finance IT

Aaron has developed several new RPA's this year while also maintaining and enhancing the current ones FIT already has in production. He is a true innovator not only for Finance IT but the whole Finance division.

Kristin Bell, Karen Sapp


Shout-out for the implementation of SOXHUB in the ARMICS area. 

Karling Clabaugh


Taking the reigns in fee assessment is a large undertaking, more so with a new billing process. Karling made the transition smooth as butter, and is an excellent member of our operations!

Karen Sapp


I just wanted to send a shout-out to Karen, who has made my experience as a new employee at Virginia Tech and a member of the ARMICS team a positive one. Her sweet and caring nature makes her an absolute pleasure to work with and I have felt welcomed and appreciated from day one. Thank you, Karen!!

Angela Harrison

Risk Management & Insurance

Angela closed out over 60 claims in her first year at Virginia Tech. She has collected over $200,000 of external funds. She is eager to continue her work to reduce her open claims below 100.

Amanda Marcum

Student Medical Insurance

Amanda is the Bingo Queen, her event for supporting and raising funds for the CVC is an all-time favorite. 

Linda Hale


Shoutout #1: Linda is so courteous to all those that call in to accounts payable and I just love to hear her giggle when she is talking with someone on the phone or in person.  It really does brings a smile to my face. Thank you Linda!

Shout-out #2: I appreciate Linda taking care of the accounts payable phone calls and emails SO MUCH; she definitely deserves recognition and a pat on the back!  She deals with a lot of frustrated, sometimes angry vendors and departments and it can be very stressful.  She's always cheerful, very professional, knowledgeable and helps AP tremendously. THANK YOU, LINDA!!!!

Sherry Hollandsworth

Risk Management & Insurance

Shout-out #1: Sherry is the first contact with customers contacting Risk Management.  Her customer service skills are a vital asset to the office.  She takes the time to listen to customers and ensure they feel supported by the our office.

Shout-out #2: Sherry's passion for team building positively impacts the work environment and the people she collaborates with. She is creative and passionate about bringing people together in a meaningful way. If you ever need assistance or advice on event planning, team-building activities, or anything related, contact Sherry.

Chip Mann

Finance IT

Chip has really stepped up for Finance IT.  We currently do not have a Director and he has taken on alot of those responsibilities while still doing his role.  He has been a great leader during this time and has been there for everyone on the team.  He is always going the extra mile for each member to help unite the team even more than we already were.  Your hard work and leadership have not gone unnoticed, and we cannot thank you enough for everything you've done during the Director's absence.

Diana Alexander, Lisa Assad, Becky Saylors, Jenni Schoner


Thanks to you and your teams for all the hard work over the past year.  You guys should be proud of all that you have accomplished and you  all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done!

Cost Accounting Team


Kudos to the team for their efforts with the F&A Proposal, as well as those working with the Division of Research to identify process changes supporting more accuracy in the HERD survey. 

Amanda Marcum, Rebecca Folmar, Lauren Lawson, Cherrie Rose


Thanks to you and your teams for the strategy development and planning for changes to the billing processes that will result in savings to the university!

Joseph Mills


I want to shout-out Joseph Mills for working so hard on the Sharepoint app. It has made an enormous difference on tracking and working the wires. It's made the process much more efficient in many ways. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Callan Bartel

Office of the VP

Callan is such a hard worker with a wonderful attitude! She is always working so hard on board materials and her hard work does not go unnoticed! She is always willing to help and has a bright smile on her face! Thank you for all you do Callan!

Becky Saylors


I wish I knew Becky's secret for doing everything she does! She exemplifies the spirit of our VT motto 'Ut Prosim' as she leads, organizes, and serves at work and in the community.  She leads the Fixed Assets team to accomplish their nearly Herculean workload; organizes an annual golf tournament for the Lung Transplant Foundation; serves in leadership for her local fire department auxiliary; maintains an EMT certification; regularly presents at FOCUS, MABUG, and NPMA conferences; motivates support for office service projects. Thanks Becky for all you do.

General Accounting team


Shout-out #1: Thank you for being an amazing team and always bringing positivity! You're dedication to your work does not go unnoticed. Keep up the great work!

Shout-out #2: I appreciate your dedication, consistency, and I enjoy working with each of you every day!

Nancy Luz, Nicoleta Druta

Thanks for entering information timely which helps tremendously in avoiding delays in processing of payments. Very professional, respectful, and helpful.

Annie Harris


Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah from your team, Annie!  How You Doin? Is it easy? No.   Do you do it? Yeah. Is it morning, or night? Ours is a crazy, stressful world and we appreciate you being the leader of our circus and trying to keep the arena full and equipped, because the payroll show MUST go on.   

Brad Foster, Jason McGraw


I really appreciate both of you and feel that you've really made a difference in the atmosphere in AP, for starters.  You're both very pleasant, professional, willing to listen and you make sure to speak with ALL of us in AP. You've both been a "breath of fresh air" and I really appreciate both of you. Thank you, Brad and Jason!

Crystal Jones


Thank you Crystal for your always encouraging me, and showing me that I'm worth more, and more capable than I usually think I am.

Sherry Hollandsworth, Alene Harris, Rebecca Folmar, Angela Harrison

Risk Management & Insurance

I just want to thank you all for being great co-workers and friends! Although my office is separate from yours, it is comforting to know that I can count on you all when needed!  Thank you!

Andrew Brown

Finance IT

Andrew is an incredible Computer Support Specialist who consistently goes above and beyond. He truly cares about individuals and treats everyone with immense compassion no matter the situation. Andrew makes our workdays brighter and stresses brighter! 

Stephanie Honts


Stephanie, we are so glad to have you on the team as our Assistant Controller for Affiliated Operations. Welcome!